Artist:Misaki Aoyama
Location:Daruma The Cafe, Japan

My name is Misaki Aoyama, and I have been managing Daruma The Cafe.
I met Minatsu Ariga who teaches at Tohoku University of Art and Design, and Kotaro Morita who is a responsible person at iat.
My main workflow in iat. was to manage the artwork of Japanese students and to send their work to Boston, USA.
Once Daruma The Cafe was opened, I started to help the cafe as well.
My graduation production is writing a business plan of an art gallery.
I would like to set up an art gallery which will be called by people 'That is an art gallery where young women go into a pretty general store' in the future.
The art gallery in my business plan has many artwork that can be used as daily necessaries.
The concept of the gallery is to impress people, that the artwork are very close, cute, and may eligible to bring you a joy.
For the Halloween Exhibition, I carefully designed it for the people who aren't really familiar with artwork, so they might be feel better to come into the store.
For example, I displayed artwork just like an accessories shop, and I set up a tarot and pumpkin workshop as events. I wish my stay in Daruma The Cafe gives me a deeper thought on the management of art gallery.